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Hello all, I'm in need of some help here and I hope to find it ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    Question Share internet connection via bluetooth with another phone?


    Hello all, I'm in need of some help here and I hope to find it with this post. I have a Pearl and a Dash, both are on T-Mobile. The Pearl is my primary phone of course, but I use a Prepaid SIM card in the Dash to only receive SMS text messages for free from my fiancee in The Philippines. I can't reply with SMS text on the Dash as it is too expensive unless I'm using the Wi-Fi or connected to my home PC via Bluetooth.

    I use mig33 on the Pearl through the EDGE connection to reply with SMS to her and I would like a way to provide the Dash with an internet connection when I'm not around my home network or another Wi-Fi connection in the area.

    Now the question, is it possible to pair both the Pearl and the Dash together and jump the EDGE connection from the Pearl to the Dash? I know you can share the internet connection on the Pearl via Bluetooth with a PC and since the Dash has Windows Mobile I'm wondering if it will work with it. I've tried to do it, but I haven't figured out the proper configuration to make it work.

    Thanks for your help...

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    mike, I seriously doubt if this can be done. That is quite an unusual situation.

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    What about using Yahoo Messenger for Blackberry? If I'm not mistaken, it only uses the data, and not the SMS. Don't know what her situation is though.

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