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Alex King writes " I organized a bounty for the creation of a 'BlackBerry as ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    RIM Crippling BlackBerry Bluetooth Speed on new OS releases?


    Alex King writes " I organized a bounty for the creation of a 'BlackBerry as a modem' solution for Mac OS X earlier this year. The resulting product — Pulse, from Brain Murmurs — allows you to use your BlackBerry as a standard Bluetooth modem. It works great on both Windows and Mac. Current problem: The Pulse solution doesn't run as fast as it used to. Brain Murmurs did a bunch of testing and working with their users and found the problem: RIM has crippled the Bluetooth speeds in recent OS upgrades. Is this a 'mistake' on RIM's side that will be fixed? Or did they do this on purpose for some reason?"

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    Awwwe Maaaaan! Say it ain't so!!! Although I haven't figured out how to tehter my 8703e via Bluetooth...I would hate to see any future speeds degraded!!! This wouldn't be cool at all, but I guess since you'll always have the USB as a shouldn't affect us. Except in the field of inconvenience...


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