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CTIA WIRELESS 2008 – Plantronics, Inc. today presented the Plantronics Discovery® 925 Bluetooth® earpiece collection, ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    Plantronics Unveils New Discovery 925 Bluetooth Earpiece Collection


    CTIA WIRELESS 2008 Plantronics, Inc. today presented the Plantronics Discovery® 925 Bluetooth® earpiece collection, a signature line of designer headsets for both men and women. Delivering exceptional audio performance, complemented by bold lines and distinctive finishes, the Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth earpiece represents a technical craftsmanship previously unseen in the mobile accessories category.

    Pricing and Availability:
    The new Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth earpiece in Black Onyx (MSRP $149.99) will be available at major consumer electronics retailers, and in April 2008. The Plantronics Discovery 925 in Alchemy Gold and Cerise Pink will be available in May 2008.

    Please visit to learn more about the new Plantronics Discovery 925 collection.

    The revolutionary design of the Plantronics’ Discovery 925 Bluetooth earpiece provides outstanding incoming and outgoing audio clarity in any environment. Central to its performance is the unique VFrame™ design, structured to follow the contours of the face and draw the microphone closer to the mouth for a headset that is as much objet d’art as it is audio ingenuity. The signature elongated design, housing an extended microphone, enhances audio performance and connection range. Plantronics’ AudioIQ® noise reduction technology adds to the Discovery 925’s performance by removing background noise while simultaneously adjusting the incoming volume – ensuring crystal clear sound on both sides of the conversation.
    “When designing a Bluetooth headset, it is critical to fully understand the physical and emotional relationship between the product and the end user,” said Darrin Caddes, vice president of Industrial Design at Plantronics, Inc. “Similar to high performance watches or automobiles, our Bluetooth headset is designed to deliver a first-class experience - in this case to permit clear, wireless conversation without the distraction of background noise. It is equally imperative that the product expresses individual taste and style and is comfortable and easy to use.”
    Plantronics’ inaugural collection of Discovery 925 earpieces includes a unique palette of colors for both men and women: Onyx Black, Alchemy Gold and Cerise Pink. Each earpiece is treated with glass beads and fire-blasted for a deep, enamel-like finish.

    Each Plantronics Discovery 925 comes with a matching, soft textile carrying case that recharges and stores the earpiece. The Discovery 925 earpiece supports up to five hours of talk time, while the charging case provides an extra five-hour charge on the go. Self-stabilizing, custom-fit eartips create a light, perfectly balanced fit without the need for an earloop. Plantronics QuickPair™ greatly simplifies pairing with most Bluetooth phones.
    “From the onset, our vision for the Discovery 925 was to deliver remarkable audio clarity from within a supremely comfortable and distinctive package,” said Renee Niemi, general manager and vice president, Mobile and Entertainment at Plantronics, Inc. “Plantronics leveraged the talents of its Industrial Design team to create the Discovery 925 as a true ‘tech-cessory,’ and bridge the gap between high-grade audio performance and high-fashion – a gap that has previously eluded most headset designs."
    Introduced at an exclusive showing during the Spring 2008 New York Fashion Week, the Plantronics Discovery 925 has received rave reviews among fashion press, stylists and celebrities.

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    I wonder if it will top the performance of the Jawbone. Will be interesting to see. It looks pretty cool and Plantronics puts out good products. Thanks for the info Hayden.
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    I am definitely going to look into this. I would figure it would at least match the performance of the jawbone.

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    if it matches the performance of the jawbone i am definitely going to buy as my next BT. It looks way sexier, but sort of fragile

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    Nice that thing is hott! I haven't really had much interest in Bluetooth. And I certainly have no need. Unless it becomes a law. And then after that if I feel the need to make calls while driving as opposed to just listening to music. But hey!~via BB (

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