Is anyone aware of an OEM or 3rd party program that makes Blackberry support Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) profiles?

So I've got my shiny new Curve 8320 from TMO with the UMA plan that lets it hop onto any TMO Hotspot ala Starbucks, etc. for voice and data access.

Sure would be nice if I could have my laptop accessing Hotspot WiFi through my Curve via Bluetooth!

I assume it doesn't work if tethered via USB either, since in both cases the Blackberry is really just exposing a serial port for DUN to happen, where what I'm thinking of is it routing packets between its WiFi interface and bluetooth/USB

I'd surely pay for such a program if it existed!

I guess another option would be to figure out how to make my laptop auth to the Hotspot just as if it were my Curve, but there could be significant reverse engineering involved there.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.