Verizon Wireless 8130 Pearl II V4.3.0.97
Desktop Manager

I use bluetooth connectivity with three devices:
1. Belkin F8T012-1 Dongle
2. Motorola H700 Headset
3. Microsoft Sync (Hands free Car Product)

Each has been a huge pain to connect seamlessly for various reasons.

The software which came with the Dongle was not compatible. I had to install the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack, and manually find another Belkin Dongle in the list of supported devices and install the driver for that. Now it is working seamlessly.

The headset and Sync seem to have the same problems. Focusing on just one, sync, with bluetooth enabled, the devices paired correctly but THE BLUETOOTH INDICATOR LIGHT OFF the connection between devices will be terminated and bluetooth will be disabled in a matter of 10 minutes or less. However with the same setup and THE BLUETOOTH INDICATOR LIGHT ON the connection will remain on.

Now I am under the impression this is an issue related to the current software build. I am hoping it will addressed in V4.5, but i have not read anything specific hinting toward this problem.

Does anyone have more information on this specific problem and what may be causing it?