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Hello all, I've searched and searched and have tried many different things. The only solution ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    My 8100 + Bluetooth Devices = Fail.


    Hello all,

    I've searched and searched and have tried many different things. The only solution I found to my specific problem is to take it back to T-Mobile and exchange it for a new one.

    So here's the problem. Whenever I connect to any Bluetooth device, it pairs during setup, but within a matter of seconds, the connection is dropped. This happens between my GPS unit, headsets, computers, etc...

    I've tried resetting my phone to factory settings using JL_Cmder, and when that didn't work, I tried wiping it completely. That didn't fix the solution either.

    I haven't had problems in the past, but they started recently after I paired up my Jawbone headset. I no longer use the headset, but noticed that it was the only Bluetooth device that would give me problems (connection would drop in the middle of a call, voice dial function didn't work, volume button would redial last call, etc). Needless to say, I've deleted that device from my phone and threw that POS headset away (R.I.P. Benjamin Franklin).

    In the attached screenshots, the only device (told you I completely wiped my Pearl!) is my iMac named "jO3Design". Not sure, but I do remember seeing something like "Connect Device" in the options setting for my devices in the past. As you can see in the screenshot below, that option is nowhere to be found now.

    I'm going crazy over this issue, and I wish it was as simple as disabling my Bluetooth and re-enabling it. Or pulling my batter and putting it back in. Or deleting all BT devices from my phone and re-adding them. Or re-installing the latest OS on my phone. Or disabling and then enabling the LED coverage indicator light.

    Been there. Done that. Someone PLEASE tell me that I have an alternative to having to send my phone in to get a new one.

    Screenshots attached.

    Thanks all in advance,


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    My first perl started to have no signal at all, no matter where I was or what I did, so I went through the whole procedure with Tmobile on wiping it and everything. Made me mad since I cannot connect it to my computer, I lost addresses, emails, web bookmarks and notes. Anyway, they asked if it would connect with my bluetooth devices, I thought it was odd thing to ask, but it did fine with bluetooth. The guy said some of the insides break and come loose. He said that they have had a few problems with the bluetooth connection and phone signal and were trying to figure out if they were connected in some way.

    I am thikning that you will have to get a new one Bad news, I know, but at least you can sync it to your computer first.
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