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Originally Posted by mmorgan1865 I've tried my 8800 with a Motorola S9. I'm using BerryTunes ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    Re: MP3 with Bluetooth


    Quote Originally Posted by mmorgan1865 View Post
    I've tried my 8800 with a Motorola S9. I'm using BerryTunes as my MP3 player. The S9 pairs with the BB but the phone is the only thing that works. The music only plays through the BB speaker.
    I just bought the same headset - and was just as disappointed as you. The Pearl does not support A2DP (yet). so the BT headphones will not work.

    I was about to give up - when I found that Xplayer works! This is a media player that has selectable outputs - just select Bluetooth - and you then get mono MP3 audio in your left headset.

    Not perfect - but at least you get something.

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    Re: MP3 with Bluetooth

    For some reason it opens the headset up. I then press the return button next to the pearl and go to my music or videos. You have to use the voice dialer through the H700 headset

    Originally Posted by pelogeny
    I have a pearl and the H700. I got it to play my music by
    1: setting up a name and number in my address book Named Music.
    2:And the telephone number is just 7 in the home and work fields.
    3:I press the voice dial button on my H700 and tell it to call music, either home or work.
    Once it connects I am able to hear my music and videos. I am also able to move between the music and the videos without the H700 disconnecting.

    Note: The message on the pearls says Supplementary service error unexpected data value. There seems to be a call connected. I am not sure if this wastes your minutes so you should try this with free minutes first. Hope his helps
    How would this work?
    it just dials the number 7

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    i use xplayer w/ my bluetooth (JBT980) as my mp3 player headphone (one ear)

    just route the sound to bluetooth through xplayer options (caution: only works on audio files, video sound still plays through speakerphone)

    btw i have a 8310

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    I keep reading in this thread that the 8130 pearl does not support A2DP. I checked both the blackberry site and verizon's detail on the phone and they both state it's supported (Bluetooth® Wireless Technology including A2DP for Stereo sound).

    Nevertheless, I just bought a BlueAnt speakerphone which works great for the phone but I also want to use it for mp3 books on tape (e.g. mono is fine). The phone's media does not supply the option to play over bluetooth. I have downloaded xplayer as discussed in this thread and it does have this feature. It works for voicenotes or wav files, but I can't get it to work for mp3 files. I tried converting one mp3 file to a wav and it works; however, the volume is very low and the wav file is much larger. I'll look into ways of boosting the volume but this is still not an ideal resolution.

    Has anyone have experience with playing mp3 over a bluetooth speakerphone with an 8130? I did try some of the methods of dialing a phone number but to no avail.

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    hey wel im a nubee but i have been trying to find a way to listen to msuic thru the bluetooth headset ... i was playing around with the xplayer application and i did it on it . its pretty cool since i hve a pretty crappy 30 dollar bluetooth hands free headset. so yeah .... download xplayer ... just change the setting to bluetooth and bingo .

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    i just tried this and it didnt work neither did quick 7 music. I use a Jawbone II and an 8350i, any solutions known?

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