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I'm looking to get a pair of bluetooth headphones so I can used my phone's ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    I'm looking to get a pair of bluetooth headphones so I can used my phone's music player. I know I know I should just keep my IPOD, but the hubs wants it and I'm tired of trying to remember to charge it too.

    So I think what I'd like is a bluetooth dongle that I can replace the headphones on as needed (they tend to get nasty after awhile in my opinion). NICE ear buds are a must, none of the older style crappy ones that are flat on one side. Also, I want the dongle to clip on like the ipod shuffles do as well.

    Anyone heard of this set, have experience, etc?

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    If you look hard enough you will find a few manufacturers that provide a very similar product. What I would look for first would be ones that use 3.5mm jacks instead of 2.5 so you can use any standard stereo headset you want and still stream the music over Bluetooth through the dongle. If you don't want the wires there are some wraparound (they wrap on the back side of your head) made by Motorola and a few other companies.


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