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Hello all, Long time member never really posted anything. I am BES Administrator and I ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    DTM 4.7 and Dell E6400 with Bluetooth Adapter Dell 370 (broadcom)


    Hello all,

    Long time member never really posted anything. I am BES Administrator and I am very Familiar with Rim, their software and devices. So I ran acrossed something I can not fix and was wondering if someone ran in to the same problem.

    So here is the Problem

    I am Currently using a Curve 8330 from Verizon of course. DTM 4.7 and I have a E6400 Vista Business (BETA SP2) DTM 4.7 Bluetooth Adapter Dell 370 (broadcom).

    from windows I am able to Pair the 8330 with the Computer no problem. However when I open DTM and try to search of BlueTooth Device nothing is found..

    Any Help would be great

    thanks Guys!!!

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    In DM 4.7, click the Options Menu in the top right corner and selection Connection Options. Check the "Turn on Bluetooth Support" then click "Configure Bluetooth" and follow the prompts by clicking "Add...". From there, it should be a routine Bluetooth device adding procedure. And when you successfully add it, back at the "Connection Options" screen, select Bluetooth and click OK.

    You should be good to go from there.

    ETA: The key is that by adding the device through Windows, DM doesn't look through devices added by Windows or make the necessary associations, that's why you need to manually add it through the Desktop Manager.
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