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I have tried headsets from Nokia, Logitec, Plantronics and Callstel with both my earlier BB8820 ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    Question Decent (stereo?) Bluetooth Headset for BB?


    I have tried headsets from Nokia, Logitec, Plantronics and Callstel with both my earlier BB8820 and my current BB8900 with resulting frequent complaints from other parties to the conversation that they don't hear me well. The Plantronics model (Voyager PLT 510) was even specifically recommended in one of the BB fora. Having struck out so many times, I don't want to buy something else without broad confirmation of good performance. From the form factor, I would like something similar to the Jabra BT8010 which allows the use of a small mono earpiece yet still offers the option of stereo listening. What experience have other BB users had with the BT8010? If negative or none, what would you recommend instead?

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    I still have my Plantronics Voyager 855 that I bought years ago, call quality is very good, and you can use it mono or stereo, music quality is not super, but not bad either......but it does not stay securely in my ear if I'm moving around much no matter which of the ear buds/hooks I tried.....maybe I just have weird ears lol.
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    I have the same as Aztar- Volume is not that great but not bad either
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    Motorola S9-HD.....they are $100 but they are worth every penny! I love mine, the sound quality is second to none. I have used them with BB 8900, 9000, HTC Pure, HTC Hero, and they have worked flawlessly. Check them out at Best Buy.

    Sorry....I misread your post. These headphones work as a headset as well so you can answer calls, etc.........
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    +1 for the S9-HD.

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