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As some of you readers might already know, I have been testing the HP HW6510 ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    Compare BB7100t, PPC6700 & HW6510 Bluetooth with Flaming


    As some of you readers might already know, I have been testing the HP HW6510 along with the Blackberry 7100t and now I have added the Sprint PPC-6700 to the mix. I was curious how the handsets influenced the sound quality so I have taken the Flamingo and the Plantronics V510 and paired them with each phone and recorded audio from a quiet environment using each headset with the corresponding three handsets. The differences aren't great but they are noticeable. The interesting thing is that the two Microsoft OS phones are using two different Bluetooth stacks, the HW6510 uses the Broadcom/Widcom stack and the PPC6700 uses the MS WM5 stack. The Blackberry is using the latest version of its firmware, version: that is supposed to improve the audio and uses Bluetooth 1.1 where the others use Bluetooth 1.2. Interestingly, to my ears, the PPC6700 gives the highest pitch to the voice and the 7100t has a slightly scratchy sound compared to the others. In sound quality, the HW6510 comes out on top. I'm not sure how much is due to CDMA vs GPRS, since CDMA voice quality is not as good generally.

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    When will you be doing a battle of the LCD bluetooth headset? LOL.

    BT800 and the HBH662. I'm curious because non have been really intuitive with their reviews of the two.

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