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Hey everyone - I have an 05' BMW 325 Ci convertible and a t-mobile BB ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    BMW Bluetooth questions


    Hey everyone -

    I have an 05' BMW 325 Ci convertible and a t-mobile BB 8700g. The bluetooth connection worked great when I had OS 4.1. Last week I upgraded to v4.2 and now the car does not recognize the phone at all. It's not even an address book just says "not able to pair" and does not even get to the address book transfer.

    In any case, I was going to upgrade my phone next moth and I'm considering either the Curve or the 8800. Can anyone tell me if the BB's bluetooth would be compatible with the vehicle? I'm wondering if there are any BMW owners that could give me some input on which BB and OS they are using?

    I'm calling BMW today, but figured you guys could provide first-hand experience.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: BMW Bluetooth questions

    My experience with factory BT in cars is the older the better. Many times the systems in the the vehicle is 1-2 yrs old @ least by the time it gets into production and on the showroom floor and you said it was an 2005, so it may be as old as 3 or 4 yrs. . . . car makers never can seem to get it right from the factory!!! Always seems to need aftermarket add-ons to make things work right!!!! Hope this helps . . .

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    Re: BMW Bluetooth questions

    I have the Curve and an 06 330I and will check it tonight to see if it works out. I know it isn't the same year but just in case they didn't change the electronics like the body of the car.

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    Re: BMW Bluetooth questions

    I have an 06 330xi and my curve (8320 tmo) pairs. I can talk, answer calls and hang up with the car. I also get the antenna meter. What it has trouble with is the phonebook. I have 1500 names so it seems to copy over some random sampling of them (i'm assuming that the bmw has some limit that is well below 1500). I kinda like how the treo paired better, it would send over just the speed dials.

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