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I'm a software guy. To me, all problems are solved with software. I see a ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    Question Bluetooth profiles


    I'm a software guy. To me, all problems are solved with software. I see a bluetooth radio. I see an operating system. What I don't see is anyone writing the software to do fun stuff with the radio. Why does RIM only provide one or two profiles? Why aren't there profiles to do all sorts of cool stuff? My laptop has bluetooth. I'd love to use my Pearl to control and be controlled by the laptop. I'd love to use bluetooth stereo headphones. I'd love to have a bluetooth car stereo so I can play music from my pearl through my car stereo. And on and on.

    No one talks about writing bluetooth profiles. I don't see any for sale or download. Is RIM the only one who can write and release these? Seems strange to me.

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    Re: Bluetooth profiles

    well RIM's main focus is the business market and so they try to focus on what is most important in that area. The applications for bluetooth you are seeking may not necessarily be a part of that overall idea. Maybe some third-party will come out with some software to do that. Of course this is all my opinion.

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