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Hi Folks, I already posted this question at the end of an old thread (with ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    Smile Bluetooth Internet through Pearl


    Hi Folks,

    I already posted this question at the end of an old thread (with no luck), so sorry if you see it twice.

    I'm eager to connect my notebook to the Internet through my brand new T-Mobile Pearl-- and I'd like to do it over Bluetooth.

    I've followed the perscription in the "How do i set up an internet connection through pc" thread.

    I've used "Bluetooth Modem" instead of "Standard Modem" using:


    as my extra init string.

    When I ask it to connect, it is able to open the bluetooth modem port sucsessfully, but just hangs with the connection dialog box saying "Dialing *99#". After a couple minutes, Windows gives up with an error (#777 remote computer's modem out of order). I can connect to normal phone numbers fine, but *99# just doesn't seem to connect.

    Any ideas? It's entirely possible that I'm just doing something silly here .


    BTW, pinstack has been a *great* help for me. Tons of useful info for us new BB users. Thanks a ton!

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    Man, I see not alot of ppl are in a hurry to answer your question. Im sorry to say this but I just aint smart enough to answer that, as far as I know that should work, if you get an error there must be some wrong. Hopefully u get it figured out

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    Re: Bluetooth Internet through Pearl

    check the settings for the standard one of the post t said that it should be a specific transfer rate (33xxxxx and not 56xxxx), make sure the BT setting is at that rate. I dont know if it'll work but its worth a try

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