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I'm planning on getting a Bluetooth Headset next week for the Bb pearl, now i ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    Bluetooth Headsets


    I'm planning on getting a Bluetooth Headset next week for the Bb pearl, now i don't want the bother of returning merchandise everytime, i can live with a few problems as when it comes to devices not all is perfect...

    So do you guys got any recommendations for any good Bluetooth Headsets...

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    Re: Bluetooth Headsets

    what will you be using it for??? Do you want a simple ear piece or are you lookin for stereo headphones?

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    Re: Bluetooth Headsets

    Dre - not sure if you get them in your part of the world, however an Nokia BH-700.

    I use one with my 8700 and my other half has one for here Pearl and they have never let us down. Very compact and good looking too..(if you can call a headset good looking)


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    Re: Bluetooth Headsets

    I checked online reviews and went with PC Mag's Editor's choice, the Plantronics Voyager 510. The volumn is so good I can hear over road noise on the freeway. Great battery life, easy to sync.

    My other choice would have been the Jabra 500. That is also very well reviewed.

    I bought my wife the Jabra JX10 which got mixed reviews. It appears to be the trendy BT headset of choice right now. But owners have complained of the optional ear loop breaking off. This model is one of the smallest ones you can buy right now.

    I am NOT affiliiated with NewEgg. That said, they have a huge selection of BT headsets to choose from. Take a look at their website.

    My previous BT headset was one of the old Motorola which I truly hated. I bought it anyway because it used the same charger as my old cell phone. I regretted it because I could not hear over road noise.


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    Re: Bluetooth Headsets

    I love my Cardo Scala 700 with my pearl, but if you have small ears or are uncomfortable bending the earpeice to fit your ear you may want to avoid it. My battery life is probably triple that of my wifes moto bluetooth headset. The Scala has no problems being to quite or going fuzzy as some do. Also I got mine for a very good deal on ebay. Good luck!

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    Re: Bluetooth Headsets

    Moto H-700, I believe in it all the way... But watch out...
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    Re: Bluetooth Headsets

    motorola..a lot of counterfeits out there..
    i work with rogers..i use plenty..of bluetooths..
    1. sony ericsson gv 435 is a real good 1. comfterable..rly comfeterable..

    2. blackverrt 655 is good (i personally use that 1). talk time isnt bad 5h..standby is amazing..voice quality is superb.

    3. bh700 has been having alot of issues it self and really isnt a hot seller.

    4. platonics ive never really trusted i've heard alot of bad things about

    5. h700 alot of conterfits..also say my peral is on my left pockets and the h700 is on my right ear..there will be static.
    them. even thoguh their review is good..styll alot of problems
    i'd highly recommend the sony ericsson or blackberry headsets. i've used alot of headsets and those 2 work amazing.

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    Re: Bluetooth Headsets


    I use it in my office with my pearl and office phone. It is amazing, I can answer either line with the same button. It recognizes which is ringing!!

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    Re: Bluetooth Headsets

    I've got the Moto H700 and really like it. Nobody can tell when I am on the headset so that's the best compliment. Also, you flip out the little mic tab to turn it on. So if you don't have it on when somebody calls, you just flip it open and put it on your ear. It automatically connects for you.

    This is my 3rd BT headset and by far the most comfortable and best sounding.

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