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what is a good bluetooth earpiece for an 8130. i have an h700 motorola right ... Bluetooth Connectivity forum

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    bluetooth headset


    what is a good bluetooth earpiece for an 8130. i have an h700 motorola right now and it is not that good but worked great with my razor....any help would be appreciated.

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    It should work just as good with the BB, try a battery pull and try it again. one thing with teh BB that you didn't have on the Razor, is alot of appliactions that need to be shut down. When ever leaving something make sure you use the Menu Button ans slect close. But abouyt once a week take the battery ou with it on, this frees up way more memory then just turing it off and on. The is a program for the Pearl type phones call Soft reset that works good
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    I used an H700 for years with my Razor and all of my BBs. It always worked like a charm for me, even with an 8100 I had. I have a Moto HS 850 now and am really satisfied with it.

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    I had an H500 until it fell off my ear and I never saw it again. I now use and love my H680 except now the magnet inside the case that the headset sits on to charge is loose and the magnet sticks to the headset.

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    I used an h500 for 2 years until the CTIA when I traded it for my WEP350. So far I have been happy with it but it has been losing range lately (down to 5 foot or less for no static). I am contacting Samsung tomorrow (the division that handles the CTIA giveaways closed at 3 my time) to see what will happen on the warranty side of things.


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