I am interested in developing a Blackberry app that will allow the blackberry to be used as a Bluetooth Keyboard (and Mouse if possible, but that may be stretching it) for another device. It is not neccesary that it actually use the official Bluetooth Keyboard profile, just that it function over the bluetooth link if possible. If the Blackberry had WiFi then that would be even better but thats obviously a no-go. So far I am thinking that VNC client might be the simplest way to accomplish this, but I am not sure how possible it is to establish a VNC connection via Bluetooth on the Blackberry. So far, I can't get the J2MEVNC client to work even over the internet on my Sprint 8830 World Edition.

My goal is to use the blackberry keyboard and trackball to control a Nokia N800 internet tablet. I know the keyboard is possible in theory, at least via IP, but I have no idea if it can be accomplished via bluetooth at all. Based on some of the comments by knowledgable people on these forums my hopes are not high.

What are your thoughts on this?