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HI, could someone please make me a zen them based on the movie wanted i ... 81xx Themes forum

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    Theme Request!


    HI, could someone please make me a zen them based on the movie wanted i want fox as the lockscreen and the movie poster as the main screen. for the icons i would like bullets like in the movie or some items incorporated from the movie.
    Here are the pictures I would like:
    Lock Screen:
    Regular Screen:

    also could you make a them based on x-men including storm, ms marvel, dark phoenix and whomever else you see fit.

    Ms Marvel:

    Dark Phoenix:

    for the icons you can pick whatever you want.
    and id like storm to be the lock screen. darkphoenix to be the regular screen and ms marvel to be the screen when someone calls.

    please and thank you so much!

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    what os r u running? i would be glad to make you one. im on my fourth theme but i really like what i create and try to do my best. im not good at creating icons yet but if you just want a little better than original iconc let me know. u can check some of my themes just search by posts.

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