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i've had this phone for a while. i was really excited when i got it ... 81xx Themes forum

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    PLEASE HELP! arg


    i've had this phone for a while. i was really excited when i got it (as a gift) but it has proven to be extremely frustrating. it took a long time to find out how to get songs on it, and now the songs are on, i have a 2g media card. but when i try to play the song, look at pictures, ANYTHING it says "unable to display file" followed by /medacard/blackberry/music/ and whatever the name of the song it.

    having music was the main reason i was so excited to get it. now i cant do that, i take pictures, but then cant go back and look at them. PLUS i cant get internet, picture message or anything, which is adifferent story. but if there is someone out there who is an expert and is willing to help me please let me know.


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    Re: PLEASE HELP! arg

    Have you opened mass storage on the SD card?

    Idk...but that might help.....PM if you need more help

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    Re: PLEASE HELP! arg

    This problem is a know problem with the Pearl/8100. One or more of the necessary modules got deleted from the Core Applications and you will need to reload your Device Software. Check out the revelavant links on the BB FAQ & Guides page for where to get the latest OS for your carrier/device and how to update it. The specific ones you will want are BlackBerry Desktop and Device Software Download Sites and How to: OS 4.x Upgrade for your Blackberry.

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