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HEY...Ive been trying to find out a way to download themes from off of here ... 81xx Themes forum

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    Question How??


    HEY...Ive been trying to find out a way to download themes from off of here on my 8100 but how exactly do i do that Lol

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    ~via BB ( you should have to find one that says OTA with the download.I haven't used an 8100 but that is how it works on the 83xx.
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    either that or get the .zip file and use desktop manager.
    if you go this route you will need to download the zip and extract the files to a folder of your choosing.
    next hook up your BB and start DM. go to load apps, and then browse for the folder you created\put your zipped files into. it will say something to the effect of searching for available software for your device and then you should see it populate the menu of apps for your phone.

    make sure the check box is checked and hit next. should install the .cod files on your phone and then re-boot it after that you should be all good to use the theme.

    (just in case) hit menu -> options -> themes selected your newly added theme and your good to go.

    hope this helps
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