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Ok SOO I'm sorta new to my blackberry Pearl... If I download a wallpaper, how ... 81xx Themes forum

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    Ok SOO I'm sorta new to my blackberry Pearl...

    If I download a wallpaper, how do I get it on my phone...through the desktop manager? I know how to do the themes, but I tried to do the wallpaper and apparently its not done the same way.

    AND downloading games and/or ringtones....I have no clue how to do it. Once again it must be different from the themes.

    Thank you oh so much

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    Well from my experience with my own blackberry...wallpapers you can basically treat like regular pictures so just add it to your device like you would a picture and with the options button just apply it as your wallpaper.

    Ringtones I just save to my phone using the media software that came with my 8320

    I haven't really added games to my bb but an easy way to do it is to go to with your blackberry

    Again this is just from my own experience with my 8320..hope it helps

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    you use your desktop manager and instead of using application loader you will use instead media manager. you will have a screen pop with two sides to it. you will chose either media card or device memory to store your wallpaper. Once you have decided where you want to store it (really doesnt matter one way or the other if you have a media card-i usually just store mine in device memory. ) so say you chose device memory you will double click that and then you will chose "pictures" and then go the left side of the double screen and find your file location. Once you have found your file you want to save for wallpaper you will need to simply drag it over to the right side of the screen you just opened up and it will save it.

    Just to save on memory, i like to delete the old ones i no longer use prior to downloading too many. But thats up to you and your OS.

    then you will go to your phone and chose media,then pictures and find the pic you want to save as wallpaper!

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