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Is there a way to delete the themes that came with the phone?... 81xx Themes forum

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    Deleting themes that came with phone?


    Is there a way to delete the themes that came with the phone?

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    I wish! That would free up alot of space for extra themes you actually want. Rumor has it the Unlocking Vendor Themes Thread can be used in reverse to "lock" vendor themes. I haven't tried it, b/c a trusted source in here tells me "locking" that particular theme using that method (such as the Today Theme) might cause your Berry to not recognize any other Today Themes you install. Like I said I haven't tried it so I don't know how true that is, but I trust the person who told me which is why I haven't done it.
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    Im sure there is a way by editing one of the desktop files..I saw it in a thread about enabling all hidden themes

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    You really, really need to be careful when deleting, removing, uninstalling the default themes. You can temporarily Brick your BB, and it may take a while to recover, including having to reload, reinstall or re-register any third party software.

    Be forewarned.

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    Whomever said if you delete the Today theme, then other Today themes won't work, was correct (speaking from first hand experience)! I also read that you have to keep the Zen theme no matter what, so I kept those 2 and got rid of the others with no ill effects. I used Mobylo SureWipe to do it - great app! Very easy to use. But like Rcbjr said, delete themes at your own risk and make sure you do a backup first!

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