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I used the instructions I found on this forum to install the Vodafone Today theme, ... 81xx Themes forum

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    I used the instructions I found on this forum to install the Vodafone Today theme, using the JAVALOADER.EXE program. It worked fine. Only one problem:

    When I used DM to install another theme, DM told me that the Voda Today theme was not a recognized application and it deleted it from my phone. Bummer.

    I decided that, since I already had the .cod file (along with other themes from O2, Tmob, Can Bell, etc) on my computer from upgrading my handheld os, I would try to figure out how an .alx file worked. Turns out you can modify it, using a regular text program like notepad, and use it to install any or all of the 'company themes', which normally are not installed.

    Just open the .alx files from any downloaded themes with notepad and see what I mean. You just replace the .cod file name and other relevant info with the correct name and info on the company theme you wish to install. Save the .alx in it's own folder (with a different name, of course), along with the applicable .cod file, and use DM app installer to install it to your phone.

    Another plus is that the theme will show up on your list of installed apps, making deletion easy should you decide you don't like it (I didn't like the TMob theme after I installed, DM allowed me to uninstall it by clearing a checkmark, really a snap).

    Thanks, Alan

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    that was very helpful to me, thanks. i was avoiding using the dm as much as possible b/c of this problem.

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