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I just designed 2 great themes! I think Ya'll will love em'! The first is ... 81xx Themes forum

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    81xx: Sinistaz/When puppets die theme


    I just designed 2 great themes! I think Ya'll will love em'!
    The first is a high contrast theme with a lot of gold and chrome accents.
    The central theme around it being fire. It is also The first BlackBerry Theme I ever created!

    The second revolves around a lot of 3-dimensional elements, and an amazing amount of attention to detail. It features a very unique and easy to read interface. You'll love either theme. I hope Ya'll enjoy them while they're free. lol!


    By the way...These pictures do not do these themes much justice. For example...On the 2nd theme "When Puppets Die" 95% of the theme is completely 3-D, including the signal and battery meters. You'll really love the interaction thats involved in those two items alone. I stare at My signal meter like I'm possessed, just because its amazing visually to look at! I will be charging $5.99 soon for My themes because they are visually stunning!
    I believe the quality is superior to any other theme I have ever seen! Plus they are fully featured,
    and perform very well! My themes are the easiest I've seen to look at...Hands down. I incorporate 3-D with great color contrasts for great visual clarity. I hope You enjoy these themes as much as I do! I deleted all my other themes in favor of my personal creations. They just look better hands down + they're fun to look at!

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    i love the sinistaz theme i just need it to be in a zip folder.

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    How do I get the puppet theme? I've downloaded many themes OTA but this file is different. I keep receiving an error message. Its an awesome theme, any suggestions?

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