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OTA download DTM Zip File... 81xx Themes forum

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    81xx Dark Knight Joker Theme


    OTA download
    DTM Zip File
    Last edited by amcat; 07-17-2008 at 11:41 PM. Reason: added zip file for DTM

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    Thats kewl (o= I would love that for my curve..Great work (o=

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    Yeah I have a request I'm like in txt and options menu I can't see the txt unless I'm on it and that bugs me can some one fix that ~via BB (

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    ive tried installing this theme ota and by using dtm and still no luck. dtm says it's installed and yet it's not in the listed themes. Have tried and tried and rebooted multiple times.... help!

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    ^^When you say you rebooted, did you try a battery pull?
    What device are you running? This is only for the 81xx series.
    Please update your profile for us and we can help you better ~
    Welcome to the Stacks!

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    ~via BB ( love it! I have 8120 and my husband 8100 and it didn't work 4 his phone @ all.

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    ~via BB ( I can't get this theme it says installed but not in themes

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    Worked for my 8120 running 4.5.. Just wanted to let you know that the date is alittle cutoff on the left. Can you move it over to the right alittle? Also, I do not see a signal meter while I'n on UMA wifi. Otherwise, I love it and the pink is hot! I have been making themes and I know this must have taken you a long time to set up with the custom icons and meters. Excellent work, hope you make more.

    P.S I like the way you made the text in options invisable until you scroll over it. It's kinda cool when you get used to it.

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