I seem to be having a major issue with connecting to my mail account through the use of zimbra on my 8100.
I get through the install fine, and I put all the info for my account into the fields, then I push sign in and it returns an error to the following:

"A general error has occurred


that's it. At first I thought it might've been an issue with my apn settings seeing as everything else on my BB has issues with it, for instance:
As a TMO customer I have wap.voicestream.com in my apn settings and need that to run opera mini, however I need to remove that and leave the field blank just to tether my BB to my laptop.

Anyways I have done some searching in various places and have found nothing even close to resembling an answer


thats the location of the install but I had to type this into the BB web browser to
get it to install correctly for me: