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ive seen a few people on here say they have it installed but is it ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    ive seen a few people on here say they have it installed but is it any good? does it work if you have an accent or do you have to program words in so it recognises them?!


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    I use it periodically, but I don't think the voice recognition is all that hot, even when I am speaking slowly and loudly in a quiet place. It doesn't seem to get any better at recognizing words as you use it more, but it does have a feature that when you roll over a word, it will pop up some other suggestions, and these are often the correct words I intended.

    Can't tell about the accent, because I don't have much of one (I'm told).

    Certainly worth what you pay for it, but I think Jott is better overall, although you do have to set up e-mail and text addresses with Jott, and vlingo uses your existing phone addresses.

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    I have version 1.0 and it works pretty well. Sometimes it gets certain words wrong but nothing major (I think Vlingo's VAD is better than bb - IMHO) . According to Vlingo the more you use it the better it gets at recognizing your words. I also know that there is a Beta version in the works which is being tested by others which will only make the app better. You can download it and give it a try with your accent. Here's the link -

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    I tried downloading vlingo today and using it on my att curve running 4.5 and it's not working? Everytime I hit the key to say I want to send a text or message it says that im not speaking loud enough and to put it closer to my mouth, but I did all that and its still not working?

    Does this not work with 4.5?

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