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    Vindigo-like application


    Hi all,

    I have a Blackberry Pearl. I'm trying to find a software program for the Blackberry that is similar to Vindigo (which, annoyingly, is only available for Palm OS or Pocket PC). I've had a Sony CLIE for many years, and the only reason I haven't thrown it out is because I find Vindigo totally indispensible (I literally have nothing else loaded on the device). Especially because I've been saving all my favorite bars and restaurants to "My List" in Vindigo for a long time.

    I know there are many restaurant/city guides available for Blackberry. But none of them are as functional as Vindigo, and in particular I'm looking for one that has a few key features:
    -The ability to enter a location and then sort restaurants/bars/etc. within a certain category by distance from that address.
    -The ability to save a large number of restaurants/bars/etc. to a "Favorites" or "My List" category, so that for example you can search for a restaurant only from your favorites list (and again, you can sort your favorites by their distance from a particular location).
    -Restaurant reviews and related information are obviously great, but to be honest if I had to do without that and just have the above features without any real content, I could live with that (I can always use the web to look up reviews and such).

    Would love any suggestions or ideas! Thanks.

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