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When will I learn that the reason why I got rid of this app to ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Viigo Viigo Viigo...


    When will I learn that the reason why I got rid of this app to begin with was because it used to drain my poor 8310's battery. Well, it's no different this time around with my 8900 when will I learn? Deleting...
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    Spare battery lol jk its a good app though. So it the app so good its worth to drain it?
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    Battery wasn't my problem with it, it was memory. HUGE leak. I install it every once in awhile when I travel, but always uninstall it when I get home. It would force a reboot withing 10 minutes of use. I've tried just about every update that's come along, and it hasn't changed.

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    I started using Viigo in Nov. 2008 when I got my Bold, so I've upgraded 3 or 4 times since then. With the exception of the second upgrade, I haven't experienced a huge battery drain or memory leak. Although, this week, I just changed to the Viigo with ExploreMusic and that appears to be dragging my Bold down. So, I'm going back to the less-enhanced Viigo 3.1.330.

    I can't live without Viigo. It meets all my needs including Pinstack posts, so I don't need a lot of other apps. The only suggestion I can offer is I read most of my feeds via text offline. I rarely launch the browser within Viigo unless I absolutely have to. Don't know if this will help or not since we have different BBs. Just a thought.

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    I have always had big issues with viigo and memory too...right now it is archived to my memory card via app world and I rarely use it. It's got tons of nice features, my old 8330 just can't handle it well though, something lighter like the PinStack reader works better for me right now.
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    Never once had an issue with memory loss or battery drain from Viigo. By far my most favorite app and would never wanna be without it
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    You know experienced the memory leaking and the force reboots with the earlier versions of Viigo on my 8320. Although, since I have downloaded the Viigo for BlackBerry version, it runs a lot smoother works properly. I'm cool with it now have no issues since and this is just a great overall app for me.
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    I really liked the app but as has been indicated the app has gotten huge and tramples what little memory I have available on my phone.

    However they have indicated they will be releasing a Viigo Lite soon. I am excited to see what that is fgoing to be like.

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    Been using this app for quite a while and never had a second worth of trouble from it. Before I found the PodCasts app, I used Viigo to listen to all of my favorites. I found I had to limit the number of articles it updated on startup though. I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 by default.
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    Viigo has been hit and miss for me: I do love it a lot and use it every day. Battery drainage has not been an issue, as I have the update settings at every 2hrs, so not too much of a hit. But memory - yeah it freezes my berry every time it does the update so I know when it's happening. LOL. I'm also running an 8900 and it's just essential for me because I read the news and stay to-date on other happens. I love RSS and so far, by my experiences, Viigo has been the best. Other then the odd issue here and there.
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    I found Viigo to be a HUGE memory and battery drain, no matter what device it is on- chris
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    It's NOT worth it!
    SLOW, memory hog, battery hog!Just how long does Viigo need to be in beta?
    Evidently for a very long time.
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    I love it but I had to let it go. It eats too much memory and locks my device almost constantly.
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    The way I solved the memory issues was to actually close the app when i'm not using it, since I use it infrequently. If its not running in the background I have no memory issues whatsoever. And also the latest version really fixed a lot of bugs that were storm related.

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    Twas a POS for moi. I use Freerange and its a nice lil app with low overhead.

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