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From Viigo site. Notice: Server Upgrade Delayed Please note that we have delayed the server ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Re: viigo "all channels" not updating


    From Viigo site.

    Notice: Server Upgrade Delayed

    Please note that we have delayed the server upgrade originally planned for this weekend.
    Tonight our pre-migration tests did not meet the level of confidence that we set for a safe and effective cut-over. As a result, we have delayed the server migration and upgrades until next weekend.
    Viigo will continue to work in a normal fashion throughout the weekend.
    Thanks for your patience!
    The Viigo Team

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    Re: viigo "all channels" not updating

    Still not working in a "normal" fashion....not doing the updat updates at all on my phone, even if I do it one by one.

    ~via BB (

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    Re: viigo "all channels" not updating

    First of all ... thanks for all your patience on this issue of Feeds Not Updating ...

    We are aware that a number of users have been experiencing issues with their automatic updates. In some cases, users don't see the channels updating when they expect to, and in other cases, channels don't appear to update at all.

    After due investigation, the dev team at Viigo has isolated the problem to two main causes.

    1. When an Update All or background Update is performed for Users that have a large number of subscriptions (i.e. greater than 50), large amounts of data need to be assembled and sent down from the server. In certain cases, i.e. where there are a large number of subscriptions, the Update All will time out before the server has had a chance to process and assemble the updates for client. The likelihood of this timeout occurring increases with the number of feeds subscribed to (and consequently the number of items the server has to process prior to sending to the client).

    In the short term, we have applied a temporary modification to our server to ensure that Updates will bring always fresh content to the client. If the client requests an update for greater than 50 channels, the server will pick 50 channels at random from the list requested and return data for that subset of channels. Subsequent Update Alls will update another random collection. Remember that an Update of a Single Channel will always continue to give you the most up to date data, since this will do a dynamic update directly from the feed source.

    The long term solution to this issue is to change the way the client communicates with the server in order to allow for data to arrive asynchronously. This is a solution that requires a fair amount of work and testing and isn't something we can implement over night.

    We appreciate that the workaround we have provided is not perfect by any means, but believe that getting 50 of your channels updated is better than none. Rest assured the longer term fixes are under planning and development and will see the light of day soon.

    2. The second reason for the automatic update not appearing to fetch updates has to do with the collection latency on our servers. Today, Viigo users subscribe to over 130,000 unique feeds ... some feeds have thousands of subscribers, others have only a handful. Viigo servers process the entire list of subscribed feeds and collect new articles from each feed source. Although these collection jobs are spread out amongst many processes and processors, our collection latency is high (i.e. it takes a number of hours to run through all feeds). What this means is that when a user does an Update All, some of feeds they have subscribed to may not yet have been collected, and hence the user may not see new articles for these feeds.

    Not all feeds are updated on this type of latency. Today, we do have a priority collector that collects the default Viigo feeds more quickly, but these represent only a fraction of the most popular feeds. The priority collector by virtue of cycling through a smaller number of feeds has a very low latency, so these feeds are always up to date. Unfortunately, if you have added many feeds from our channel library, your feed may not be part of the priority collector and hence subject to the long latency mentioned above.

    As a short term workaround, the priority collector now collects the top 1000 feeds in order of popularity instead of just the default feeds. This collector has now been running for over 12 hours at a very low latency time ensuring that the top 1000 feeds are up to date, so an Update All will ensure that these feeds always return the most recent articles. Over the next few weeks, we will also reduce the latency for the broader pool of feeds as we upgrade our servers. The improved hardware will allow us to run three times as many collectors as we currently do, thereby improving the collection times even further.

    If you notice some of your feeds continue to languish with no recent updates, please use the Update of a single channel to get the most recent information, as this is always guaranteed to go directly to the feed source and retrieve the latest articles for you.

    If, despite this, none of your feeds appear to be updating, close Viigo (Menu->Close) and restart the app. This will create a fresh connection to the server, and hopefully resolve the issue.

    If you continue to experience problems with updates, we request you send your Viigo username to, and we will investigate your issues more closely.

    Finally, I'd like to let everyone know that we have some exciting architecture changes in the works that will deliver material improvements to the collection process. As we get closer to the release date for these changes, we will communicate these details to you.

    All the best,

    Mark Ruddock

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    Re: viigo "all channels" not updating

    Thanks Wireless VC for letting us know. I have been noticing this also, and if something that I want to read doesn't update when I "update all" I just update it separately. Not a big deal at all.

    Viigo is awesome, keep up the good work!
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    Re: viigo "all channels" not updating

    Quote Originally Posted by WirelessVC View Post
    ... issue of Feeds Not Updating ...

    Mark Ruddock
    Thank you, Mark, for the detailed explanation!

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