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    Using BES to deploy apps


    I've got a BES Server set up, connected to my exchange server, with only my Blackberry connected to it. Right now, I have Google Maps v2.3.1 being pushed out from the BES Server, and I THINK Worldmate Live 2.5.20 (it's in the list, but hasn't shown up back on my phone yet, although I just added it so it could take a bit). The other apps I'd like to have my BES push out are Tellme, WeatherEye and MAYBE AIM (AIM isn't overly important; I wouldn't mind having it, but if I can't, no big deal). I downloaded the WeatherEye JAD file, and placed it in a folder in the "Applications" directory along side the timezone patcher I was pushing, Google Maps and Worldmate, but it didn't show up in the list, I'm assuming because it's a JAD and doesn't have a COD files, although the loader added a PKG and XML file to the directory. These are pretty much all the apps I want on my Blackberry, and I'd like to not have to chase them down and install them any time I need to wipe my blackberry or if it dies and I need it replaced. Is it possible to get these other apps to push from the BES Server?


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    You can push down whatever apps you have the .alx and .cod for. That's the only way I've been able to push apps down from BES.

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