I need someone to test our mobile photo sharing app in BB Pearl. It works fine on curve but we are having some issues in pearl. If you can actively participate please email me hmb143 @ gmail . com. I will need immediate feedbacks for 2 days so we can fix the issues. If you have a gmail account its even better. You can give feeback in chat. its instant. I want to particularly test the 'add picture' feature where you can attach a picture to the post.

it works fine on curve. If you want to see the live app. Visit www.maufait.com/blog . I posted my personal mosnaps. You can have your mo-snaps in your blog, website or myspace page example: www.myspace.com/mosnaps

Will appreciate your co-operation. Sorry for the double post. I just need 2 to 3 pearl beta testers real bad