Uni (Galaxy at War) v2 is the ultimate combination of strategy and arcade and has great replay value because no "New Game" is the same. Uni is comprised of 10 regions which can each be conquered by one of four factions. Attack, rally, spy, and create alliances in order to cease control of Uni by way of compromise or take over.

Unique AI provides different challenges in 2 seamless game modes. Fight in a battle of wits against enemy factions by carefully managing your faction's regions, or face off against opponents in real time arcade battles with four unique ships and 360 ship movement.

Download the full version for free at one of the following sites:

Uni @ GetJar.com
Uni @ Mobango.com
Uni @ Phoload.com
Uni @ BSCreations

What is Uni?

Uni is an arcade/strategy game being developed for Android, Blackberry, and Java enabled phones.

What is the plot of Uni?

In this intergalactic shooter, four factions fight over a small a small galaxy called Uni. Each faction, denominated by there respective color, battle for control over ten planets.

What do you mean by arcade/strategy?

Uni's unique modes allow for the user to enjoy both realtime and turnbased gameplay. In strategy mode, the user interacts with other computer controlled factions creating alliances, attacking, or even spying on the enemy. Uni's unique battling system lets the user fight for control over planets in real time.

How do you win the game?

The player wins the game by defeating all other hostile factions.

What's new?

Uni sports a brand new graphically based menu system. This makes actions such as spying and attacking easier to perform. Along with the new menu system comes a messaging system that provides a graphical way to read notifications and accept proposals. Numerous errors and glitches have been removed making game play fluid and virtually seamless.