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i got this problem when i upgraded to the 101 OS for the pearl. only ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Re: Uncaught exception??


    i got this problem when i upgraded to the 101 OS for the pearl. only happens when i try to exit or sign out from google talk. bummer

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    Re: Uncaught exception??

    In my experience, this generic message means that there was an exception thrown by an application that was not caught by the application. There are several possibilities; the answer varies by application.

    To start: We've been developing on many platforms for many years, and the BlackBerry operating systems are (by and large) a pleasure to work with. When you program with them in Java, you have to remember that their GUI model is essentially Swing's model. There is a single event thread, and you can only put things on the screen (e.g. status or dialog messages) when the creator has the event lock in the main event thread. It is usually an application error, not a BlackBerry error.

    What does this mean?

    When you change operating system versions, your old apps may not work properly. You need to contact the developers to find out whether that version of their software is compatible with this new operating system version.

    Security exceptions are usually (but not always) a matter of changing application permissions on your phone. When you install new versions of an application, the application permissions get set back to your default (which you control, but you probably don't want to set your defaults to allow for all applications). Contact your developer to find out what application permissions are necessary for their application.

    Dns errors are usually a matter of a bad APN setting. This can happen with applications that use TCP access, and the carrier changed your APN (e.g. with Cingular, now that Cingular and ATT have merged).

    Nullpointer exceptions are generic. They need to be chased down by your developer.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Uncaught exception??

    i have that problem with mobipocket reader.
    i'm reading books, no problem and suddenly it kicks me out and i get a 'uncaught exception'.

    a few times, i've deleted the book and resend it and problem solved, but now it's not working.
    i've re-sent it, reset the phone, i don't know how to fix it.

    would a new version of mobipocket reader help?

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    I received after an eoffice install 'Uncaught exception. A browser content provider for audio/MIME type has already been registered with the browser' any thoughts?

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    hi there,

    I have a downloading music I cannot play the songs on my works fine on the desktop. The error says: uncaught exception: application net_rim_bbmedialibraryplayer(249) is not responding: process terminated.

    Can anyone tell me a possible cause?

    Thanx very much

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