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    Ubertwitter Beta-4 is being prepared for release!



    I just received a tweet (yes it's actually working now// SCRATCH THAT, IT WAS WORKING) from Ubertwitter stating their new build is about to be released (sometime within the next week I believe).

    Here are some of the changes to expect:

    • Multiple Accounts - You can now configure multiple accounts, each with their own set of on-device preferences.
    • You can now BLOCK people!
    • Video Integration - We have partnered with to offer you an outstanding video integration.
    • Goto user - You can now enter twitter users name and go directly to their timeline
    • URL Shortening - we've integrated with so you can easily send those long URLs now and not bump up against the 140 limit
    • MUCH faster photo uploads, significantly improving the user experience.
    • Use of the internal GPS is now solidly supported with proper fallback to cell tower based location when GPS isn't available.
    • Icon Caching If you have and SD card, we will cache avatar icons on the card, increasing the speed of timeline displays and reducing network traffic.
    • You can now select pictures and videos that have already been take and are on your device. The interface shows the most recent at the top and offers a preview so you can verify it is the picture/video you expected!
    • When composing a tweet you can now insert symbols from a large selection of commonly available characters such as smiley's, hearts, etc.
    • Integrated advertisements - Please note, the ads are there to support the freely distributable version of ÜberTwitter. Users that purchase ÜberTwitter will not have advertisement in their version.
    • We've streamlined the friends and followers lists
    • You can now see both the number of friends, followers, and tweets sent when viewing the details of a tweet.
    • Replying to a DM from the timeline will now correctly send a DM and not a regular tweet
    • Fixed the bug in reply all where it would truncate some twitter user names
    • Added reply all to the menu when viewing a tweet

    Visit their site
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    Looking forward to trying it out.....
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    Oh wow. So am I. Good stuff...

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