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Well, cat is out of sack . TweetGenius has just been released for Bold and ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Thumbs up TweetGenius released for Bold and 8900


    Well, cat is out of sack . TweetGenius has just been released for Bold and 8900 devices, closing private Beta testing and making its way to already crowded Twitter
    apps for BlackBerry. BGR, that is behind the project, offers TweetGenius at discounted price of 4.99$ with regular price after at 9.99$. You can check this link for app review and you can buy TweetGenius at this link
    I got the app as soon as it was avilable on the site and i am quite impressed with it.
    Being already user of SocialScope and in past Twitterberry and Ubertwitter, this is app
    that really has it all, both looks and funcionality. The strong point of TweetGenius is that it does not rely on backend as SocialScope, it is stand-alone app that connects directly to Twitter. In other words, SocialScope will be working until there is company and their servers, TG will work until Twitter exists. For now, there is a place for both SS and TG on my BB, as they are really close in qualities and complement each other.
    We will see what comes next in future updates for both app, and possibly with next
    Ubertwitter beta 2.
    Only neo is that it is commercial app, so you need to pay for it, but in my opinion,
    TG is well worth over 4.99 and if you can spare that much, and do not still have SocialScope account, this could be Twitter app that gives all for that price.

    Let me know what you think, i will post further in time small reviews about how TG is working for me.

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    No try before you buy option? I'm still on the hunt for a good twitter app
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    I agree- purchased TweetGenious yesterday and am thoroughly pleased with it. Have used TwitterBerry and ubertwitter, but haven't received a socialscope account to this day. Very pleased at this point though- Chris
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    Well I've been having issues with TweetGenius... do not see an option to add a picutre... also I'm having issues with my direct messages... they will not load at all... Just updated to the newest build... still no luck... starting to think I wasted $4.99.

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    I love SocialScope the best so far. And I refuse to buy tweetgenius without a free trial first. If they have a trial when the 83xx version is out I will give it a shot.
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    I bought the tweetgenius. It takes up a meg of memory. That's a big downer. It is pretty, but I've never been one to emphasize aesthetics over functionality. This morning, I can't seem to connect/update/retrieve anything with Tweet_Genius. Ubertwitter works fine. And if I remember correctly, both of those apps rely on APN/TCP type things (no BIS), so I don't think it's a connection issue with my device. So I'm pretty bummed. TG is being uninstalled for the time being. (Also, this morning, my device was at it's lowest memory level I can recall post .167 OS.) Not overly impressed thus far. I'm sure there's room for improvement, and I have no doubt that it will be improved. Just don't know if those improvements will be enough for me to swallow the 1MB hit it takes.
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