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Hi Guys, I've been seraching the net for days trying to search for a music ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Lightbulb TrackID MusicID or Something for Blackberry Pearl?


    Hi Guys, I've been seraching the net for days trying to search for a music recognition program such as TrackID for Sony Ericsson phones, and I cant seem to find nothing, not even if a pay!
    May be is a dumb question, but is it very complicated taking the SE application or the one available on and modd it so it can run in the BB OS?
    I've installed TrackID from and it runs but you have to search for a file that has a piece of music on it, then ill try to connect, and finally it will return a error messeage, very probably because its not designed or adapted for the BB.

    Anyway, has it been done, if not, is it do-able?
    Or anyone has another walkaround for this cool tool?

    Thanks for you comments.


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    Try this out:

    It doesn't let you record songs to see what they are though. This is specifically for getting songs playing on the radio.
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    On ur blackberry, there should be a short cut icon to download musicID. I tried it once before n it worked well at that time. It's a subscription app tho. Its from shazaam ltd or som like that.
    The one recomended by lucky13mt is also good- norbex. 1st u add ur favourite radio stations. in future, if u hear a song u like, just fire it up. the song, album, album cover shows up. There might b a couple seconds delay but it works. The only con is it doesn't work on or not accurate on those dj mixed music which r a min or so long.. Aggh!

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