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Hey guys! Just checking to see if anyone here uses a different calendar on their ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Third Party Calendars?


    Hey guys! Just checking to see if anyone here uses a different calendar on their bb other then the stock one? And if so, does it still sync on the BES? I would love to find a better calendar program, possibly one that has color coding, similar to the palm os.

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    I think you could only sync the bb calendar with the bes, but I could be wrong... Is there a gmail calendar? That might be what you are looking for...

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    i hear ya on this one hulk. i would love to have a more 'user friendly' and color oriented calendar to use like on the windows mobile units, but yet with the ease of use and quick input of the BB. gee...i dont ask for much do i?
    i dont think there are any after market programs out yet. and if there are, and someone knows about them,please show us where. i have yet to find one. i have said a number of times..i really wish BB would open up and allow others to write programs to use on the BB, like win mo does. (thats the only thing i like about windows the tons of programs out there that are available.) like the programs from SPB softwarehouse.

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    Nothing native that I know of. use GCal (google calendar) on my PC, and am using it more and more on my handheld.

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    I have been waiting for good calendar application myself as well. BB stock calendar (for curve) is much better than the older versions from couple of years ago...also the track ball feature makes it easier to navigate calendar as opposed to using track wheel. However; I do envy the colorful appointment features and easier viewing on palm and WM handhelds...

    So far, I tried Pocketday by Cross river systems. They certainly did a lot of work with this application and deserve lots of credit but I personally think they integrated too many features… I wanted a simple calendar application that expands slightly more than what BB stock calendar is capable of. It is worth checking out though. I discontinued using it and now I’m back with BB stock calendar.

    Further, there are two applications being developed and I am hoping for their release before summer.

    Check out Pocket Informant by Web Information Solutions (WebIS). I think they are currently conducting beta testing. I saw some screen pics on WebIS’s forum. It did look very promising to me. (Looked simple enough with color coded appointments)

    Also iambic is working on BB version of Agendus. At least that is what I heard last. They haven’t provided any previews or development stage pics so I really don’t know what to think of it. Iambic released much less information than WebIS did but I know Agendus for other platforms received great reviews.

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