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Not really. I kind of like it. And here comes the nefarious BUT.... This is ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Question TeleNav is annoying


    Not really. I kind of like it. And here comes the nefarious BUT....

    This is more of a question really.

    When I set TeleNav to give me turn by turn directions it not only tells me the turns, but it is telling me the distance between each and every road on my route. This is way more information than I need.

    Here are the settings I have in Preferences:

    Language: English [CA]
    Initial Volume: Normal
    Audio Options: Instructions Only
    Nav View: 3D Moving Maps
    Route Type: Fastest
    Backlight: On at Turns
    Connection: BIS
    Call In: (403)523-8776
    Show Next Turn: When nearby

    On Christmas day my wife and I went to my mother's. Now, they had recently moved to another town so I needed to use the GPS. It wasn't so much to get to the town since it is a 1 hour drive straight up Highway 2 with only 1 turn on the way.

    Once in Athabasca the GPS was great. Getting there, however, was an experience in great annoyance. Between Edmonton and Athabasca there are probably 100 or more Township or Rural Roads. The TeleNav system showed and spoke the distance between each and every one of the roads. Try as I may I couldn't stop it from giving me all this information. Well that's not true. I shut the darned thing off to shut her up.

    Have I got something set incorrectly? I only want to know distance to the next turn. That's it, that's all. I don't care about the distance between each rural road or cross street. Imagine using this to travel across Canada and having to hear the distance between every rural route across the country. By the time I get out of Alberta into Saskatchewan there would be an 8900 Curve exiting my vehicle at 110 kph!

    The program was extremely accurate. It even told me that my destination was 60 metres ahead and there was an old lady looking out the window (not really, but that would be cool). In it's defence, it was more accurate than my wife's Curtis GPS system. It wanted us to turn down a dead end road that went nowhere near our destination. So much for that PoS.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Wow, that would be irritating. I'm not sure of the version you use especially since you live in Canada. My preference settings are similar to yours. "She" only tells me the distance to my next turn and not to every road in between. I definately understand your frustration. This really makes me want to re-check my settings also.

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