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Dear friends, Today we released Stocks+ v.1.0. We fixed all critical issues and implemented a ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Thumbs up BETA is over, v.1.0 is released!


    Dear friends,

    Today we released Stocks+ v.1.0. We fixed all critical issues and implemented a base set of major features. Among your feedback we

    found a lot of interesting features. Some of these features were included in the first release; some of features will be implemented

    in the next update.

    We’re thinking about this set for v.1.1, 1.2 and 2.0:

    * Stocks Alerts;
    * My Stocks with calculating your profit etc.;
    * News feeds;
    * Other HomeScreen options.

    We’re really appreciate your help with testing this application, we received a lot of emails with tons of suggestions. Many-many

    thanks from BerryBlowApps team.

    Some of forum members will be granted with activation codes:

    - kstrouse
    - jblackfish
    - wheelz
    - delfim

    Please PM us and you will receive an activation code for this app.

    More info you can get at this link:

    Thanks for your help!
    Have a good day!

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    I just wanted to give you an interim update on the released app. It works really well just about all of the time. When I open the case when the device has been asleep, I notice that it doesn't really update every minute, as I have it set, although it does update occasionally when it's asleep. Then in less than ten seconds, the number refreshes. Of course, I'd love it to update every time I open the case to wake it up, instead of asking for an update at some interval. If it just updated every time I opened the case, this would reduce the number of updates during the day.
    There are days that it doesn't put the number on the home screen when I have it timed to do so, and days when the updating doesn't start until I change settings and save them and ask for an update a few times, and I think I still had to reboot the device once to get the application started. In general, though, it works almost all of the time, and is easy to get working if it needs a little kick.
    I'd still like a way to exit the application completely. I think that a reset would help when I'm not getting updates. I'm traveling a lot, and it's possible that these slowdowns are related to roaming all of the time. I wish there was a way for the icon to change in some way to inform me that I don't for some reason have access to data, and that's why it's not updating.

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