Dear friends,

We released a new version of Stocks+ with alerts support and tons of improvements.

v.1.1 changes:

Stock Alerts.

Specify alerts for stock changes and get notification every time alert is triggered. In current version you can create alerts of these types:
– more, less than current value;
– value is outside the interval (minimum - maximum);
– difference between average of the day and current value (in %);
– difference between 52 week average and current value (in %).
Get an alert notification as a background popup message, sound, LED and Vibro notifications, specify Stocks+ alert notifications in BlackBerry profiles settings.

Backup and restore.

Application provides backup and restore stocks and alerts list for synchronization with Desktop Manager.

UI improvements.

1. In current version we’ve added additional settings for Home Screen widget; you can set up font size for the list of stocks displayed on the Home Screen.
2. Adjusted font size for main screen, stocks info screen.

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