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Are you a student in college, highschool, or work? The only option for you right ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Thumbs up Software for all STUDENTS!!


    Are you a student in college, highschool, or work? The only option for you right now is to add your class to the Blackbery Calendar, and set the repeat option on. If you would like to add homework/projects/tests to these classes it gets even harder. You have to go through the calendar, find the class, open just that occurence, and add whatever assignments for that day under the notes. This is an OK solution, but it makes you then go in each week/day/month and check each one of these classes individually to read the notes just so you can figure out what is due. This is a thorn in my side personally!! Well there is now a solution...


    StudentDocket is a program that is set up specifically for students. You might recognize them by their previous name, StudentBerry. Student Docket,

    is a premier tasking application designed specifically for students with Blackberry® devices. Say goodbye to non-categorized, difficult to track, basic tasks in the standard tasking program. Let’s also go ahead and bid a not so fond farewell to overly complicated, business focused, expensive third party applications as well. StudentDocket is the awesomely simple and amazingly organized alternative you’ve been looking for. Take a look at what you’ve been missing
    StudentDocket lets you add a class, the location of this class, any notes you want to add about this class, and you can also add Professor information. The professor information is a breeze! Add office hours, email, and phone number. Now you don't have to even think about who teaches what class. Just go into the class, and there is the information for you. You can even call/email directly from this application.

    There are two different types of tasks that you can add for each class. The first one is a simple "Task" option. You have the option of naming, setting due dates, setting reminders, as well as setting the completion status of each task.

    The second type of task is something that the Blackberry Calendar could never do. It is called a "project". A project is a large task, that requires many smaller tasks to complete. For example: You have a large research paper due. The paper is due at the end of the semester, but you have rough drafts to turn in before this, as well as research to do. StudentDocket lets you add the main research paper, and then add these sub-tasks as well. It is great!

    One of the best features in my opinion would have to be the "Due" views. I use this option more than anything else. I like to know what I have due each week. I can click on "Due Week" and see exactly everything that is due this coming week, as well as any projects that have sub-taks due for this week. Want to see next week? Simple! Just arrow over. Want to see a months view, or just what is due tomorrow? Simple! Just press the menu button, and select your option. Want to only see only class? No problem for StudentDocket! Want to see 3 days, 5 days, or 40 days ahead? Easy as pie! Just hit menu, and select "Next "x" Days".

    StudentDocket is a must have for all students!! They even support the Bold already. They support from OS 4.1-4.6.

    Go to to check out some screenshots or view more features.

    Are you like me and want to try out software before you buy it?? They offer a FREE 15-day trial!!


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    this looks REALLY cool and with support for 4.6 its even better !!
    thanks for the good find !!

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    Nice find~via BB (

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