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Hi I am a little confused and for some reason a lot of the links ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Hi I am a little confused and for some reason a lot of the links on this site in the app forums are down for me.

    I was wondering if there is a list of apps that don't require web browsing as my data plan only covers email.

    I was also wondering how much mb software like googlemaps takes up because i want it on my phone for in a pinch. But I only get 1mb / 8$ so I don't want to be spending a lot if it uses a lot of mb.


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    Some apps on PinStack can be downloaded from to your desk top via DTM (Desk Top Manager), other are OTA (Over the Air...via BB web browser.) Here's a link to some of the apps on PS:

    Most of the downloads that say zip will download to you DT, then you can user DTM to install onto your device. Hope this helps.

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    There have been some link issues on Pinstack but it is being worked on. What type of applications are you looking for? There are plenty of app's that are not related to the internet or data usage, but you need to be careful about loading up your device with applications that eat up your device memory.

    Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question about data used for Google Maps.
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    google maps takes a decent amount of data, just to load up where I am when I first turn it on takes about 256kb, and to look up something about 30 miles away takes almost 300kb more...that doesn't include just scrolling, each square is going to take 16kb-32kb it seems...

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