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Pardon my english, i'm not good enough on it English This Application Named 'tea' Features ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Scheduled Messages, COOL APPS, Try NO


    Pardon my english, i'm not good enough on it

    This Application Named 'tea'
    Features :
    1. Send scheduled emails form any desired account
    2. Send SMS/Text Messages on scheduled time
    3. works on PIN Messages as well
    4. Schedule Details up to Seconds
    5. Can be resend by desired occurred time
    6. Unsent due messages will be sent when the application activated
    7. Scheduled messages saved in internal memory and will be able to be backed up and restored *experimental*

    1. SMS/Text Messages are not saved and no delivery report
    2. Data stored in internal memory and will reduce your free memory

    This is it
    OTA installer ....
    versi 0.1.9

    Try it while it's hot because after 8-8-8 GST it will be a lisenced software based on device lisence and user lisenced. Price will be announced soon.

    Proudly presented by a Paris Van Javanese
    I tried it an works like a charm

    Indonesian :
    Aplikasi ini bernama 'tea'.
    1. Bisa mengirimkan email secara terjadwal,
    Dengan mail from yg bisa dipilih dr mailbox BB.
    2. Bisa mengirimkan sms secara terjadwal.
    3. Bisa mengirimkan pesan PIN secara terjadwal.
    4. Penjadwalan pesan hingga sampai detil menit.
    5. Aplikasi punya kemampuan setting occurence,
    Jadi penjawalan otomatis bisa hourly, daily,
    Weekly, monthly, yearly.
    6. Pesan yang telah lewat waktunya, tapi belum
    Terkirimkan, akan otomatis terkirimkan
    Pada saat aplikasi berjalan.
    7. Data pesan terjadwal disimpan di basis data
    Internal handheld BB. Jadi bisa di backup dan
    Restore. *experimental*

    Kekurangan fiturnya:
    1. Sms yang dikirim tidak terarsip di BB,
    Dan tidak ada report sampainya sms ini.
    Sehingga agak sulit memastikan apakah
    Benar2 telah terkirim.
    *kecuali mau reportnya via mail *
    2. Data di basis data internal "ikut serta dalam"
    Menuh-menuhin free space BB
    *lirik pengguna Bold, yg builtin 1GB*

    Ok. Hal yang ditunggu-tunggu ....
    OTA installer ....
    versi 0.1.9
    *trial sampai 8-8-8 GMT*

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    Any update on this application? Has it been released? While the files are still available OTA, I can find no information on it anywhere regarding pricing, release dates, etc. It apparently expires 8-8-08...
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    Sounds neato!

    Wait, did it expire already?
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