Folks, BEIKS is entering a public beta testing phase of the text input enhancement InterType.

Many BlackBerry devices have the capability to display foreign languages such as Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish etc., but lack the means to actually enter text in such languages.

RIM is sure catching up on this, but in the meantime we have developed and will offer a simple utility that allows text to be entered in such languages.

It is not a complete solution and we are well aware of it, but at the same time we, as our own first customers, are happy with the ability to send SMS and email in our native language or google in local terms.

InterType 1.0 BETA for Russian and Bulgarian is currently available at our public beta page (direct device acces only, not a desktop installation).

We will welcome any and all creative feedback. It goes without asking that best of the best will get activation keys.

The beta will be there for about a week or so, after which it would be moved to the official site.

if you read this post and do not see InterType on the beta page, look at or