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I have a few servers to keep in touch with for work and I was ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Remote Desktop for Mobiles


    I have a few servers to keep in touch with for work and I was really getting tired of getting an IP notification that something was wrong and not being able to bounce the server.

    At dinner, while traveling on weekends, you name it. I'd have to put everything on hold and take the time to check into it.

    I figured I get the e-mail notifcation of a problem on my BB why bot find a way to fix the problem from my BB...

    My search led me to This is a $30 application that s designed to allow you the ability to Remote Desktop and send commands to any PC.

    It seemed like a basic theory and if it works for me, I'd be loving it!

    Downloading and installing

    There are two pieces in getting this setup to work with your BB. The RDM control panel for the PC and the application module for your handheld.

    I downloaded the control panel and installed it without any problems. It's a small sized application that runs in the task tray. There was no option to have the progrma run as a serivce.

    I tried the OTA install of the app for my BB 7230. No go, I got the dreaded error about a bad file. I tried a few more times without success and felt I needed to contact support and let them know their sh*t didn't work. To my surprise I got a very quick reply that told me to download the .zip file and install via DM. Thanks for NOTHING. But I took their advice and loaded via DM. Everything loaded as it should and I was excited to get this thing going.

    Set Up / First Impression

    There isn't much documentation on how to get this thing going. The good part however, is there isn't much to getting this working.

    Most everything is set from the desktop RDM control panel. You have to create and account ID and password for every connection you want to allow into the program. You can also change the port used for listening and transfering information. The default port was 6100. I left it as the default and set my firewall accordingly.

    From my BB I typed in my PCs IP address, username I just set in the RDM and the corisponding password. I got a message on the program screen of my BB saying I was connected. The first thing I tried was to actually use the RD feature and control my PC via the desktop. SSLLOOWW. This worked, but was so slow it was not practical at all. Because it was so slow the connection was broken multiple times.

    I didn't want to give up on the software so I looked into what else I can do. There are pre-set commands you can run. Restart, Shutdown things like that. I restarted my PC from my BB and it worked pretty well. There is a force disconnect of programs options that will close any open program before restarting.


    This program is not going to revolutionize how you do business from your BB. The lack of information not only from a set up and support standpoint, but also from a program standpoint make this app. frustrating to work with. If the application can't connect, it says "Connection error." There is no other information given like, bad IP or wrong username etc.

    For the price and what I want to do with the program, I'm going to keep it for those times I'm in a bind and need to restart the servers. As an everyday business tool, I think this application is significantly lacking.

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    Re: Remote Desktop for Mobiles

    Nice review. thanks
    ~Tweber78~ – where Blackberry Professionals Connect!

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    Re: Remote Desktop for Mobiles

    Good review....

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    Re: Remote Desktop for Mobiles

    Interesting.. I'll try this later.

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    Re: Remote Desktop for Mobiles

    After many hours on the telephone with Cingular, plus many emails back-and-forth with RDM, I have uncovered info on why I have had so much trouble making RDM work on my 8700c with Cingular.

    I pass it on so others may not have to go through the same.

    In order to use RDM with Cingular you have to be able to access the APN "isp.cingular" . In order to do this RDM says you have to have the "Data Connect ISP" feature available on your Cingular wireless service. They said that this feature is no-charge.

    When I contacted Cingular they said the only way to get this support on their current tarriff plans for Blackberry is to sign up for a feature called "Unlimited Tethering". This feature requires you to upgrade your plan and it costs $30 per month more.

    For me that is too high a price to pay for this capability.

    I would be interested to know if someone has other info on this but I will cease trying to install RDM until I hear differently.

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