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I'm taking opinions of some products/services because I am unsure what weighs out to be ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Redfly vs Modem, Tether apps, etc. - Need opinions!


    I'm taking opinions of some products/services because I am unsure what weighs out to be a better product/service to have.

    Redfly ( is pretty much a laptop that runs off the blackberry and the BlackBerry's operating system. Compared to an app that would allow your laptop to use your BlackBerry's data plan. The Redfly can only perform that of a BlackBerry, as a laptop can do anything.

    But there are some pros and cons, and I want you guys to list those to me from your own point of view. Just two simple questions. Which is better and why? What are the pros and cons of each type of those products/services?

    Redfly vs mobishark, tether, cradeploint, PdaNet are some example apps of this type of service.

    Thanks guys,

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    It's all going to depend on your needs.

    I had a specific situation/need. I already had a laptop, but my company cut off personal internet access, so I needed another alternative. I'm not familiar with the other applications you mentioned, but for me, Tether fit the need perfectly.

    Since I'm on AT&T's 3G network, I can tether my 9700 to my laptop via Bluetooth or USB and still do everything I need to do, including making phone calls, etc.

    You obviously are not going to get T1 type speeds with any of these solutions, but the tethering is pretty darn good on a 3G network!

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    The only one I've used is Tether. It's not as fast as Wofi but when you are on an area where there is nothing else it works great it is very easy to set up, no complicated logins etc. Works really well

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