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Originally Posted by suprtong heres an interesting article i found on thisfrom what i understand ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by suprtong View Post
    heres an interesting article i found on thisfrom what i understand is that.. if at least one of the parties engaged in the conversation knows its being recorded then its legal no matter who made the call check it out
    It depends on the state. In Texas, only one person has to know the line is being recorded and if I am the person on the line and know it's being recorded, then that counts. Many other states are this way as well.

    That is why when you call customer service lines or 1-800 #'s, all will either tell you the line may be recorded or you will hear a beep about every 30 seconds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KalebsDad78 View Post
    The BB is a phone used by government agencies for security purposes (and many others of course). Many applications like this for BB have just started really going into development over the last year. We have seen an explosion of applications and software being tailored for the BB devices that weren't a year ago. BB's are now mainstream so some patience is needed here.

    If you need so many add-ins that the Palm features, I would say go to a Palm. I use my BB for email and phone calls, not for games, MP3's and taking pictures. This wasn't the original design intention for the BB.

    You won't find a more stable OS on any smartphone on the market than the BB OS.

    I don’t use my devise for games either – but then I don’t consider voice/call recording a game. I would use the call recorder when I receive or make a call while driving. Rather than try to take notes or try to remember important information, I would record the call then take down the information later back at my home or office. It was a fantastic system and extremely helpful. And yes, I do miss this and other features of my PALM. I was sold on the email abilities of the BB although having used it now for two months I realize the mail system on my PALM was almost as good. But what I miss most is AGENDUS. It was an utterly amazing “calendar / Phonebook / Contacts / Notes” etc – software the likes of which would blow you away. BB’s PIM by comparison is quite Neanderthal.

    While I agree BB is changing, I fear the pace is so slow I may not see it become as refined in my lifetime. What I have found though is that most BB users have no idea what the other devices out there are able to do. They believe their device to be superior to the extent there is no reason to look elsewhere. I have a friend in my office who showed me how his new BB 8310 could take voice commands and call someone in his contacts database. He was so impressed with this new superior technology. When I told him I had been able to do this with my PALM for years, he look at me with complete disbelief as if I were making it up.

    Any way I too would really like to have the ability to record phone calls on BB as this is a very helpful tool.
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    As Fastwalker stated, I too simply want this feature for when I'm on the go/driving and need to record important information. Before getting my current BB Curve 8330, I had a LG V. It would record only the voice of the person you called, which is all I ever really was interested in. For a smartphone that is about 3 years newer and has about 5 times the capabilities as my old LG, I'm a little confused on why it is lacking this simple function. Hopfully we'll see an update (or atleast an addin) for this in the near future.

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