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Hey guys, for the first question, what is the best interenet radio software i can ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Radio Real?


    Hey guys, for the first question, what is the best interenet radio software i can download, radio keeps failing when downloading!

    NExt question is, is there any way to stream real live canadian radio through the berry 8330?
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    I know there are a few free ones, but I like's not free, but has tons of stations preloaded and you can add stations as well. The preloaded stations all play great, the problem is that many stations you may want to add, the bit rate is too high so they don't play or are very choppy, so finding ones you can add is difficult.

    They have a free trial though so you can check it out:
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    That BerryTunes is a nice find! My 8320 streams the stations more smoothly than anything I currently use.

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    I have been using MFRadio alot lately
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    I have a 8100c and tried the BerryTunes. Man I'm surprised. Before I finished the trail I bought it. Thanks for the link.

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