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ok, its been out for a while now. but im still wondering how many channels ... 3rd Party BlackBerry Software forum

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    Question quickplayer channels


    ok, its been out for a while now. but im still wondering how many channels are there and what kind are they. because if im going to pay for it i better get some good channels that i want. can anybody tell me what there are on the quickplayer. and if there is any podcast player for the pearl thats worth having?

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    Re: quickplayer channels

    They had about 50 channels leat time I checked.

    Try this thread:

    I think N8DBB posted some in a thread but can't find it at the moment.

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    Re: quickplayer channels

    I had quickplayer for a few months but cancelled my subscription. Just not enough content for me to justify the $7+ monthly fee. Over half the stations are Local News for <insert city here> or Sports Updates for <insert city here> or Traffic Updates for <insert city here>. So the 100 channels advertisement is a little over pumped considering only a handful of stations will probably catch your interest. Also as someone else mentioned in another thread all the material sounds pre-recorded. I was under the impression that i was getting a live stream feed. As mentioned in the other thread if the player supported playing custom channels that i could configure such as live news streams from the numerous other sites out there, music etc. I would gladly drop a pretty penny for the player/service. but just not worth it IMO until the content matures. hopefully they will bring more content soon. That aside the player itself is awesome. Hope that helps!

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